Owner & founder Cynthia has a love for everything classy & chic including a soft spot for the events industry. While creating thoughtfully put together gifts, and detailed events of her own and those of friends and family, it became apparent that the Montreal market lacked personalized, curated gifts and items for all of life's grandest celebrations.
Le Chic Designs is now Montreal's go to shop when searching for a chic & personalized gift. The majority of our collection is designed and created in house by Cynthia herself. The goal for our collection is for you to choose our Chic products over and over again for all of life's most important moments whether it be your bridal shower, baby's baptism and everything in between.
Providing elegant, high-quality pieces & keepsakes that have a sophisticated feel is this mom of three's ultimate goal. So grab your coffee or drink and shop our collection, we're sure you'll find something for anyone on your list and if you're looking for something you didn't find on our website, reach out to us, it will be a pleasure to chat with you. 

-Cynthia xoxo 

"Make it personal, make it chic"