LUX Ring Box


Lux Acrylic Ring Box 

Our custom Plexi ring box is not only chic and sophisticated for your treasured rings,  it doubles as a modern alternative for ring pillows. Adorned with pearls on the interior and custom gold or silver metallic writing, it will be a show stopper for your ring boy or mini flower girl walking down the aisle. 


•7.6cm (L) x 7.6cm (W) x 7.6cm (H)

•Clear Acrylic

• White Pearls at the bottom
•The ring holder included has been designed to accommodate average sized wedding bands
•The large opening is 22mm (W) x 10mm (H) - will accommodate a size 9 ring approximately
•The small opening is 18mm (W) x 5mm (H) - will accommodate a size 6 ring approximately

•High quality Permanent Vinyl customization in gold or silver metallic 

•Robe not included 


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